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C 02 Creating a new event

To create a new event - go to Homepage → List Events → New Event

To create a new event go to >  Events

Then select > New Event

Event Setup


Name: - Enter a name text that clearly describes what the name of the event is. PS: If the entered events for many different customers, it is recommended to add the company name in the title for a better overview of event list.

Event Starts/Event Ends: - The period of time the event will be active. Ex:(Event starts on 18/04/2018 and will end on 19/04/2018)

Eventispublishedflag: - This checkbox will add the event to be displayed on the Application.

Language: - Set the language for your event English,Norwegian,Franch etc.

Website: - Connect a website as a site dedicated for the registered users of this event of let them connect tot this site inline in the Gamification platform.

Company/Contact/Phone/Email: -They are displayed at the end of the email/newsletter.

P.S:Contact is displayed from who the email was send.

Sms sender name: -Is the name that the sms was send from. P.S: Max 8 characters,don't use phonenumbers or special characters.

Advanced Registration Settings

Open registration: -Checkbox if the registration is opened for users.

Registration Mode: - Classic registration mode (includes first page of the registration with firstname,surname,email,repeat email and mobile number)
                                             - Simple registration mode (includes only email and mobile number)

Hide Attending buttons: - The option displayed for the user to decide if he will attend or not.

Enable not attend confirmation: - The user to be able to select that he will not attend.

BCC Confirmation e-mails: - Sends a blind copy of confirmation email tot the specified address(es).Use COMMA between multiple addresses.


Payment: - Checkbox to activate for users to pay tickets etc.

Payment System: - Paypal (platform for users to pay)
                                        - Braintree (platform for users to pay)

Payment mode: - Test mode ( used for test)
                                    - Live mode ( used to receive payments and not for test)

Hide billing addres: -

Max number of participants: - The number of how many users can participate for live event.

Booking starts/Booking ends: - The period time for users to register between.
Ex: Booking is avaible for users between the period (15/03/2018- Starts and 20/03/2018 Ends)

Booking Confirmation: Sends a confirmation by email or sms.

 Waiting List

Allow waitinglist: - checkbox used if the client wanna permit more users then the max number of participants to wait in case there will be users that will not participate.

Waiting list confirmation: - Email
                                                          - Sms

Multiple Users per Booking

Allow subusers: - Marking the "allow the users" means that one person may enter more participants in the same invitation.

Deadline for adding subusers: - The date when adding subusers will end.

Editable subusers: - Users who have been signed up by others under "allow the user" to edit the data in its own sign.


Ticketing: - to activa qr scan option.


Title: - The name of the event setted in calendar.

Description: Description about the event.

Address:- The address where it will be the event.

 Email and Form Setup

Hide dates in registration form: - users won't be able to see the date in registration form.

Hide dates in Email: - users won't be able to see the date in the emails.

Hide headings in Registration Form:

Hide heading in Feedbackform

Description: a description for the user to see in email.

Logo: Logo of the event in email.

Image: The image at the start of the email.

Feedback conf: - Email
                                   - SMS

 Don't forget to save your event > Save