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Appearance 2.0

Settup colors for your Experience.live

First select the event you wanna set up the apearance.

In the menu Create Event select Appearance.
Here there are multiple options for Forms,Email and Gamification color scheme:

Forms color scheme:

General colors: - remember each of them have preview button for each section,this way you can see a example.

Header text color:

Top / bottom text color

Topmenu buttons

Topmenu buttons highlight

Topmenu background

Inner background color

Outer background color

Form colors:

Form text color

Form subtext color

Checker color

Form button text color

Form button color

Form button border color

Form objects:

Ratings unselected

Ratings selected

Label title color

Email color scheme:

Text color

Footer text color

Speedlinks highlight color

Buttons text color

Buttons color

Inner background color

Middle background color

Outer background color

Connected pages links color

Gamification color scheme:

Master color

Light text color

Text color

Date bar background color

Time bar background color

Highlight color:for content in html area setted on Header 1 beside the examples in the images below

Background color

Headings color:works only for content that is Header 2/3/4/5/6