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Deleting data in

Since can only be used for one event at a time must be user generated and organizer generated content deleted after each event in the In addition, it may be useful to delete user generated information.

Go to Gamification → Clear data and press different buttons to delete the data.


  • Clear all: Clears all organizer and user-generated content and used for the creation of one new Event Manager setup.

  • Clear contacts: Deletes all links to friends that are generated under the "Add a Friend " ( Event User friends )

  • EventUserLog : Deletes log of all points users have achieved - PS remember to delete User Totals simultaneously (Points user event log) . After deleting it will also be possible for users to take quizzes etc. . again.

  • User Totals : Delete the total scores obtained for each individual user. PS . Remember to seltte EventUserLog simultaneously (Points event user totals by category )

  • Rating : Deletes rating of any item on the agenda .

  • Question : Deletes any question module data

  • Question Like: Deletes like / dislikes of questions

  • Course Answers : Deletes all user-generated answers to questions

  • Seeker Session  User Level : Deletes all user-generated seeker game answers

  • Voteing Item Count : Deletes all data from voting

  • Voting item non voting event users : Deletes user-generated voting responses. PS remember to delete VoteSessionItemCount also to remove the base data for statistics

  • Comment : Deletes all comments . PS remember to delete CommentLike well since they no longer have any reference

  • Comment Like : Deletes likes / dislikes relating to Comments .

  • Clear notes: Deletes notes
  • User Extra Data : Deletes , additional information relating to users which are obtained from such Facbook connect . PS . By letting this users must accept the new Facebook link ( User Event extra data)

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