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Connect to Facebook

The facebook is not available for the moment. (01.03.2021)
Here you'll see how to create a Facebook Application to link your Gamification user with your Facebook Account - you have some pictures showing you the steps or a video tutorial

First of all you need to log in with your Facebook Account (or Company FB account).

After that you need to follow several steps in order to get an App ID / App Secret codes to add them in Gamification Settings.


1. Push Apps button - Create a New App - add text as per below fields and push Create App button;

  • Display name - your event name - Ex. EDGE
  • Namespace - your event name + something (optional) - Ex. edgeapp (whithout CAPS letters)
  • Category - Utilities


2. Go in Settings - left menu and push it (you'll see Basic View):

  • App ID and App Secret will appear here (you'll copy them in Gamification Settings)
  • Fill in Contact Email

- Push Add Platform button and Select App on Facebook

  • Add your URL in Canvas URL - Ex.
  • Add your Secure Canvas URL (add an s after http) - Ex.

- Push Add Platform button and Select Website

  • Add your URL in Site URL field - Ex.

Save changes after you did all these above steps.

3. Go in Status and Review  - left menu and push it:

  • Select YES in "Do you want to make this app and all its live features available to the general public?" 
  • A pop window will ask you to confirm this - push Confirm button


4. Open your Event Publisher URL (where you have all Event details/Gamification Settings) - you need to log in for that

Go in Communication on left menu select Gamification Settings (a new window will open) and Facebook Settings (bottom page):

  • Facebook APP_ID: you have to add first code here
  • Facebook App_Secret: you have to add the second code here
  • Save session button - it will save your codes

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