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How to Create Article

Based on what you wanna create you can choose from News,Activities and Presentations but for each of them you need to have the template page created (News feed,Activities,Presentations)

On top of the header we have "Articles" lets press it to take to the correct page.

On this page we have :

  • List Articles
  • Add Category
  • Add Article

List Articles - here we have the articles separated in categorys.
All - all the articles in one place(news,activities,presentations).
News - only the articles of type news.
Activities - only articles of type activities.
Presentations - only articles of type presentations.

Add Category- Create the folder
Type - to select from News,Activities,Presentations
Name - the name of the folder
Language - the language of the folder in backend
Cropsize - will affect the images setted for the article(the dimensions of image)

Active - checkbox by default is activated
Locked -
Disable Comments - the option to not have comments to the article
Disable Likes - the option for users not to give a like to this article
Disable Ratings - the option for users not to be able to rate the article

SEO - Search Engine Optimization
Description - to help the person that create the folder to add a small description to help him for what its used.
Keywords - when user searching for the folder and not remembering the full name to pop up in search bar only by a few letters or a word.
Short URL -

After saving the folder you have two option to take you to the page to create the article.

Articles - pressing on it will take us to a page where you can filter all the articles that have been created untill that moment.

Add Article


Category - the folder where the articles is saved
Date- the date
Publish - the date start of the article is avaible for the user 
End - the date when the article won't be displayed no more
Comments - takes us to a page to filter all the comments added for articles


Name - the name of the article
Short text- a short text bellow the title or used as a description
Body - the content of the article where you can edit it using the html as you wish
Two columns - a checkbox to display the article in two columns

After saving the article will open other options bellow

Tags - after its tag the user can search for it.
Images - The option to add image at the start of the article
Videos - The option to add video at the start of the article
P.S - If you have image and video,the video will take priority and it will be displayed instead of image.To display the image you need to don't have a video added here.
Files - The option to add files
Links - to create or select a link for this article to another page