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Live Streaming

This is a tutorial how to turn on streaming:

Here we have the options that are avaible:

1.Your Entire Screen:

2.Application Window:

3.Chrome Tab:

To add keynotes it can be done from backend:

In the line "Keynote speakers" add a user that is registered and activate him to be keynote.

If you end up in one of this situation not being able to see anything after selecting in this example Chrome tab

You will have to click on the left small screen on the + to add the screen up what is avaible for viewers to see then click on the 3-rd icon(monitor) to activate the display

If the "Live" button in the footer is not red the viewers won't be able to see it because that is the button that your live and ready to stream.

To change the screen your displaying you will have to click on the "refresh" button and select what you wanna share and again set up the option if your ready to be viewed.

On the right side we have the options to show the keynotes,when your live the viewer will see what you select in the bottem side of the live.

Here is the example of keynote leader selecting in prezentation:

And this is how the viewer see it:

The 3 monitor option on the screen is to see full screen of content_by having the black screen in the sides) or a zoom in,example:

The other button is to set the screen on full size:

What we need to remember is the follow the rezolution of the screen matters,we recomand a full window screen on full size,before going live we sugest to check if it looks okey.

Some ideas we can offer is the follow:on pc split it 2 size to have control of both:

Or you can have the prezentation full screen in the background and the screen to see what your streaming a bit smaller in front so you can still scroll to the next page in the prezentation,example:

Something like this

Another option will be having someone to show the prezentation and that user to click on next page.