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Tricks for Experience live


In this article we will show you some tips used to help you achieve what you wanna.

If you have issue trying to figure out what alias the keywords have we suggest to use this tip:"?dbg_return_labels=1",this should be added in the url page and will change all the text in keywords alias to be easier to found in keyword page for changes.


 Link added in page to navigate to top:

To use it we have to add it in the html content in the source code.

By clicking it we will see the follow:

The part between Text example in this case the "text example" will be the text displayed for the users,by clicking on it the user will navigate to the top page.

Another optional would be to add a custom button to jump:

This custom button can be used for any page as long as you change the href with a link.

Multiple examples of buttons dimensions:



Different tips of font/header:

Single Cell tables for block alignment