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C 01.0 Plan and process

The Communicator is the foundation af the OC EventManager. Use this step-by-step guide to set it up and take it to use!

1 Preparation
• What will the event be about and who will perform the various tasks?
• What is the quality of the user data, and what should be e-mailed to everyone?
• Should it be an open or closed registration process?
• Does the event require a payment solution?
• What information should be collected from participants during registration/booking?
• What communication channel is used for communication with the participants?
• When do we communicate with the participants?

2 Creating event
• Create an event in the OC Eventmanager, starting with the registration-set up

3 Create registration form
• Enter questions that participants should answer in the registration-set up
• Decide whether the answer options should be open or closed (fixed choice, multiple choice, text)

4 Sign up / import users
• Quality control user data to be entered
• Registrer participants/book users
• Registrer/book participants manually
• Import participants from spreadsheet

5 Defining additional info per participant set by the organizer (private questions)
• Defining the specific information to be linked to each participant (for example plane times, hotel room numbers, meeting rooms etc.
• Enter "private questions"

7 Registering specific event-information on each user
• Export participant information to Excel
• Update the participant information based on section 5
• Import additional information about participants

8 Communicate with participants
• Communicate information about the event based on registration and/or other registered attendee info
• Setting up a communication plan for before, during and after the event

9 Feedback
• Create feedback form
• Write text to be used in the feedback e-mail and any confirmation e-mail
• Send out feedback form
• Analyze feedback