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Gamification 19.0 Progress order (access and start the modules in the order setup in backend)

If we'll use the progress order on Seeker and Quiz (Course) than you can start the Quiz (Course) after you finished the Seeker Game

In each event session we have a functionality "Progress Order" which can be activated only for Seeker Game and Quiz (Course) modules.

So for instance if you have a Session and you plan that your users should access the Quiz (Course) after they finished the Seeker Game then you should put Seeker First in the list and after that Quiz (Course) like the image below. This will be reflected inside the Gamification Session in front end for all users.

Don't forget to save the session after you checked Progress Order. 

In the near future we'll add this feature to the rest of the modules: Comments, Rating, Questions, Geomap, Voting so you'll be able to expand it to them too.