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Gamification 18.0 TICKETING (Scanning users)

After we configured the Ticketing (Badge Printer) here now we need to check in users to event and for this we have 4 options:

  1. Backend - we open the Ticketing tab from Registration and checkin main tab and here you have 3 options if these are setup before in Ticketing Settings:

a. Entry scan

b. Partner scan

c. Room scan

2. Phone/Ipad application scanner inside Gamification App - this App is valid on IOS and Android and can be downloaded here:

a. once downloaded you need  to login inside your event (search you event by name):
b. Once you choosed your event you can log with user and pass if you added a pass in your Profile Gamification or someone added a password for you.
c. Facebook login you can use only if logged before inside Gamification in your Profile and linked your account with Facebook pushing dedicated button - if you have new domain you need to create an app ID and Secret - need to contact us (support team for this) / here you have also the option to Unlink your Facebook account

d. Once you are logged inside the app you should navigate to the left top 3 lines menu and choose Scan QR

e. A new window will slide from right. Here we have different things:

  • top bar which contains the Scanning Locations in the left which can be expanded and choose one of them - Entry/Partner/Room - they will be as many locations as they are setup in backend like Active.
  • Entryscan location: If this is selected will appear on the second line the name of it. In the right corner we can see 2 numbers Entered users vs Registered (booked)

  • User image / Search users field (can search an user if scanner doesn't work and it will be checked in) / Scanner symbol which can pe pressed and will open a scanner app - users can be scanned with this and they will be checked in (if an user will be scanned twice a red bar with a message user already checked and user won't be checked second time)
  • We can see also last 4 entries - last 4 checked users under the scanner app

  • Partnerscan location: here we can scan users are visiting the stands as many time as they come - 1 / 20 and everytime we'll see the number of visit. We have here the option like in backend to add a comment/note for the user + 3 kind of status: Hot/Warm/Cold. We have also here in the top bar the Total Visits vs Unique Visits

  • Roomscan location: here we can scan users are vcomming in the room. In top bar we have now only the user numbers - total number only.

3. Badge Scanner on PC or MAC (flash app which will be obsolete) - for this you need an user and a pass set up in Scanning Location

4. Dedicated app for Iphone/Android Phone (which will be obsolete) - for this you need an user and a pass set up in Scanning Location