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Setting up Beacons

First we need to add the beacon in the backend to do that we will open settings and click on "Beacon Setting" here we will select "List Beacon Devices" and select after "Add Beacon device"

Add a name for the device and insert the "serial number".

This is a example:

All letters are with caps and at the end add major and minor in this order,major first minor second having "|" between them as in the example.

After adding the beacon we go to beacon page to set it up for the event we want it.
Go to Events>Edit Event>Engagement>Beacons

On the bottom side we have "Add beacon".

Adding beacon you will see it like in the next photo we can add here more actions: Send Email/Send SMS/Send Inline Notification/Send Push/Browser notification/Check in/Partner Scan/Navigate application.

We will have to add a role what is the scope of this beacon so it will be easy for you to remember its scope,Select from the next field the beacon you added and remember to enable the check-box "active".

Here we will set up the message for this inline notification and you can also add different  details from the event in the tab on the right side of it.

Min dist-the minimum distance in range of the beacon
Max Dist-the maximum distance
Trigger- the option to trigger when the user is in range of the device
Timeout-the option for the device to stop sending notifications in this example for user,for this action only works for the trigger that contains "Every time/5 minute/10 minute etc".

After finishing don't forget to save it in the bottom page.

Same near "save" button we have the "Beacon actions" clicking on it will show a pop-up message with "Beacon Testing" click on it.

And will open a new window with the next option were we can do testing by selecting the event user-event-device and the distance.

Select a user,the event of it,the device we added and click "trigger now" it will send a force notification/notifications that have been setted up for that device to the user for the evented we selected.

Log settings: to display the logs at 1 second/2 seconds/5 seconds.