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C 08 Import participants

In addition to let your participants registrering using a registration form, you can import all your users from an excel file!
Doing so will give you the possibiity to give users a personal invitation and a form prefilled with those details.

To import users you need the:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Mobile

We recommend adding cell phone number to utilze the strengt of the solutions SMS communication. 

Go to: Communication - Communicator - List Event users

On the top tab structure choose - Import Event Users


1. Download excel template
2. Add your new users in the template file and make sure that all the users has a valid email address

The only requiered field  email

 If you are adding cell phone numbers make sure they are valid, insert them with the country code (ie +47 for Norway)


1. Choose the event the users shall attend from the drop down list

2. Choose the excel file to upload

3. Check the update by email if you want to update existing users in the database based on the unique identifier (e-mail).
This will update the name and cell phone number of existing users with the same e-mail. We recommend cecking this on, if you know that your current excel list is more updated than the participants you have in the system.

4. Click add recipients to import the users.
Now all the users are added as participants to the specified event.

Go to Communication - List events - Your event - Booking to see the added users.