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LIVE events do not just happen on stage – they allow organisers, partners and speakers to engage with the audience using voting, polls, quizzes, seeker games, tests, courses and more. They also  allow users to engage with other attendees who share their interests and passions.

LIVE event Gamification includes

  • Voting
  • Session comments (social wall)
  • Continuous feedback (Realtime rating with comments)
  • Ideaboxes  - Suggestion boxes including video, images, discussions and more
  • Questions 
  • Polls, quizzes
  • Seeker games
  • Courses, tests
  • Networking


Users of LIVE event Gamification

  • Fun. Seriously, a ton of fun. 
  • Highly engaged participants
  • Participate and learn
  • Great reviews and an inspired, loyal community
  • The ability to learn more – much more – about their audience
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