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Easily and efficiently publish your event using our selection of professionally designed event templates or by designing your own custom templates.

Sit back and relax as the event program, registration forms, social sharing links, mobile interfaces and much more pretty much takes care of itself.  .

LIVE Event Publishing includes


  • Event website preview and  publishing
  • Mobile personalized agenda
  • Professionally designed event templates 
  • Custom URL(s)
  • Digital asset management (DAM)
  • Unlimited number of sites and events
  • Secure, multilingual and highly customizable sites

The module also supports 

  • Print media (printed agenda, ..)
  • Screen media (program, sponsors, game results, social, ..)


Users of LIVE Publishing experience

  • The joy of looking rock star awesome
  • Great design with professionally designed templates
  • Easy and efficient event website publishing
  • Reusability and scalability across events
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