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Attendees expect more in 2016

In the wake of the digital revolutions of the last two decades, event attendees expect pleasing digital experiences. As mobile, social and one-click becomes the expectation rather than the exception, event managers must demand more from their event management systems.

Mobile everything
The mobile phone is now an inherent part of the event experience, both before, during and after the event.

Imagine the range of touchpoints that must be supported on a mobile device;


  • Event invitation - email, social, paid advertising
  • Event exploration
  • Registration and payment
  • Access content
  • Networking


  • Explore agenda
  • Session engagement (participation, games, sharing)
  • Access content
  • Networking


  • Access content
  • Networking
  • Repurchasing

Mobile devices - both phones, tablets and laptops, are now an integral part of the event experience. They differ, of course - from their predecessor - the notepad.

These mobile devices allow the attendees to share their thoughts real time - either through community platforms, through social media, or through structured event/session in specific  channels - and to be active participants and performers rather than passive observers.

While speaking during a session was bad form just a few years ago, the online conversations and interactions during the session today may be what makes it interesting and valuable.

A social dimension - online
The event conversation now starts well before the day of the event. For everyone involved, the larger share of value through exposure, networking and learning may actually happen before the event formally starts.

For this reason it is necessary to offer ways of networking,  sharing and learning online before and after the event as much as during the event  

To be a part of it
Being an attendee in 2016 is as much about being a creator, maybe even a performer, as it is about being a consumer. Attendees are no longer passive observers, but creators, commentators, curators and players.

This is great news for event organisers - as event content is pure gold in the context of content marketing. Videos, live tweets and blogs, photos, interviews all add to the value partners, sponsors, attendees and your own brand take away from the event.

One click everything
The digital event experience is a result of design. A session location, a share, a vote, a download - they should never be more than a click away.

Attendees expect to register and pay easily, and to be able to do it using their mobile phone.

The digital event experience in 2016
Events are experiences. In 2016 -  it’s an experience that  happens at the same time online and in the real world.

Everything is different, but everything is also the same. Attendees simply want an enjoyable event experience, a seamless encounter with the necessary practicalities - and that little extra that makes them go wow.

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