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Customer succcess: Eventgarden

Eventgarden is an Oslo based event agency. They work with events, teambuilding and kick-offs, often at their own event camp near Oslo.

- We started using LIVE only for for events with more than 350 participants, but now find ourselves using the solution for almost every event we run, says Eventgarden partner Bård Sørlie.

- We typically use LIVE for the event website, attendee registration, ticketing and check-in, and for the mobile agenda, but sometimes we simply use it for registration, he explains

Sørlie points out that the mobile agenda, in particular, has been very popular with their attendees

- The personalised mobile agenda gives the attendees full control over their experience. And if something should come up, e.g. a delay or a need to share information about a destination - then this can be done in realtime during the event.

Eventgarden has experienced significant changes in the event market over the last few years

- In only three years we have gone from having to explain why digital event management and event gamification was the way to go - these days customer expect it.

Digital event management, the way Sørlie sees it, adds a whole new dimension to the event itself as well.

- We see that the event starts before the event itself - and continues after it. Attendees are engaged in new ways, through voting, comments and questions - people want to be part of the conversation at the event using screens next to the stage and in common areas as well as using their smartphones, and they want to continue the conversation online after the event, he explains

- The nature of an event is changing. People expect a smart and engaging digital dimension.

- At one event we had a vote for the “coolest car ever” - and had 700 attendees voting using their mobile phones. It was pretty cool.

- But it’s not all about offering the right amount of cool, says Sørlie. It is important to keep track of current technologies, and to stay current - but the most basic reason for using LIVE is that it offers control and predictability.

- Using LIVE we gain a whole new level of control over our events. The event management process using LIVE is now so essential to our success that we cannot imagine not using it.  

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