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The problem, if any, is too much engagement!

Customer succcess: Moderna Kompetenser

Moderna Kompetenser is an event firm specializing in the facilitation of learning within management, innovation, diversity and communication.

They may be one of the best examples of a company using LIVE to support a wide range of events, using it for training as well as larger events.

- We realised we needed a state of the art event management and gamification platform, explains founder David Åberg. We now use LIVE for both event sites and for event gamification.

They find that the increase participant engagement is significant.

- Some times participants can even get a little bit too engaged ...

- However LIVE has been a way for us to lead the way in the use of technology in supporting training as well as events, concludes Åberg.

So if you are looking for management, innovation, diversity or communications training in the nordics - Moderna Kompetenser is probably the way to go!

Be awesome like Moderna Kompetenser - Try LIVE now!

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