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Probably the fastest way for you to onboard and engage your audience




Attract your audience comes with powerfull communication tools: Email, Sms, Push and Inline messaging. All tools are compatible with our personalisation engine - with personal data and links, making it the perfect 1:1 promotion tool.

All communication can be segmentated, automated, on interaction or set on a schedule.


Add audience and get paid sitebuilder. The cms is multi lingual, search engine optimised and comes with responsive layouts, built after the WCAG 2.0 Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. comes with a full bodied GDPR Compliant CRM system. Simply import and export all your audience data trough Excel to start the promotion. 

Let the user enjoy a prefiled simple role based registration form, and gather the data you need. The solution support tax rates, currencies, time based discounts and vouchers. For the moment we support Paypal and Braintree payments but, can add other upon request.


Engage the audience  


TIME FOR ACTION Gamification is an engagement platform. It brings your audience closer to the show, letting them engage in seeker games unlocking new tasks and finding answers, join a course, or participate in simple Quizzes. Why not get sosial with comments, ask the keynote questions, say your opinion in a voting, or giving the session credit with a rating, or simply find related map elements with Geomap. All interaction builds points and encourage the users to participate.

Gamification fits a wide range of events, both physical or online.

Run a livestream for the people not able to attend (these days, all attendees) or as a way for your audience to do replays after the event.


From multi session events to local meetings


The included livestream broadcast, support a wide range of ways to capture and distribute the livestream content, from full 4K multi camera and multi device production, to simply take it live from your desktop or mobile.

Broadcast to any audience, no matter the scale. We make it easy to stream your events, trainings, programs, courses, executive communications, panels, competition and everything in between.

Your attendees can enjoy your event the way they want to.
We support both secure desktop and app distribution.

And its all is customisable to follow your brand profile.



New price model 2020


TIME TO GET STARTED - Corona prices for 2020

Single EVENT (Price per event)

Initial setup fee
24.000 NOK Platform setup + training 6 hrs (Skype or onsite)

NOK 15.000 License per event
+ Cost per Attendee volume x volume price

Setup and support upon request.

SMS within Norway: 0,70 NOK pr sms

Looking for a PRO price model, please contact us.


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