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Motivate and engage your customers, employees, or participants in a new way through the Experience.live platform.

Here you can quickly and easily build a range of programs—all in one place!

We offer ready-made programs, courses, games, workshops, methods, processes, and can tailor them to your needs.

We can also build custom solutions for you, or you can do it yourself on the platform.

The Tools


Engagement where the users are

Experience.live is a mobile-first platform where we give you the opportunity to create your own native apps directly within the platform.


From Idea to Reality Faster

Experience.live offers a range of features and tools that speed up processes. Experience a significant increase in production efficiency.


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What kind of service suits you?

• SaaS for Business
• Pay per Event
• Pay per Game
• Program Creation

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SaaS for Business

A subscription service for those who want to harness creativity and build exciting and enriching new concepts for HR, events, fairs, and travel.

With your own platform, regular updates, and unlimited possibilities, you can quickly increase productivity and creativity.
Experience the power of a solution that grows with your concepts, needs, and ambitions.


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Pay per Event

Have fewer events? Purchase the service when you need it!
Access one project at a time and use our tools when it suits you best. Flexible and simple!


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Pay per Game

Check out our pre-produced games and engage your audience with interactive experiences. With our GameHub, endless entertainment is just a few clicks away! Our games are designed to promote collaboration and learning, foster creativity, and encourage healthy competition.


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Program Creation

Content Production

Our consultants can assist you through all or parts of the process. We offer services in project management, idea and concept development, content production and design, as well as execution.

We produce: texts, images, films, games, workshops, and develop desired programs.

We ensure quick and efficient deliveries.


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Our template-based website builder makes it easy to create professional landing pages, websites, or intranet solutions.
With many ready-made templates, you can quickly set up and customize the site to suit your needs.



Our communication engine allows you to reach participants via email, SMS, inline messages, and push notifications. Targeted messages based on participants' responses, behavior, preferences, and interests.
Schedule timed deliveries and build a custom communication flow to ensure messages reach the right person at the right time.


Our registration and payment module provides participants with a simple and efficient way to sign up and potentially pay for events. The registration page is role-based, displaying specific fields and logical branches relevant to their role, whether they are participants, mentors, team members, speakers, crew, or others.
The module includes participant limits, discount codes, early booking prices, and integrated payment solutions (Apple Pay, card, Vipps, and invoice).


Personal and/or shared programs with:
Home (Intranet-Corporate Communities), Program/Other with sessions, Profile, Contacts, QR code and ticket scanning, Notes, Gamification, and Point system.

The solution comes with ready-made templates for: HR, Events, Trade Shows, and Travel.

Customize the solution with: your own fonts and colors tailored to your profile. Choose between light/dark themes and adjust the color palette.

The solution is built in compliance with GDPR.

Make it yours

Order customized:
APP icons.
White labeling in App Store and Google Play.



Experience.Live’s gamification features include tools to create high-impact user engagement through team dynamics and scoring.



Implement long-term goals, spread the strategy, and promote learning and relationships over time.


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Experience.live is your toolbox for enhancing your programs.
Elevate quality before, during, and after your programs with our innovative solutions.


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Build lasting relationships after program completion.
Follow up with tasks, goals, training, messages, surveys, and tests to ensure continued engagement.


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Engaged people create lasting results.
Experience.live provides the opportunity to foster long-term relationships, lifelong learning, and achieve company goals.


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The solution

Start your journey today

Ready-made games

See our selection of ready-made games

Content creation

- Concept development
- Game production
- Program production

We deliver everything from specialized development to design and content. Text, images, films, animations, sound production.

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