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When sending e-mails ,sms messages and notifications , information about the event and personal participant information be merged into messages. They can also be sent using the send cue time controller. The solution comes with some default e-mail templates that can be used, but it is recommended that the texts are adapted to each event. These texts must be stored on both e-mail/Notifications/SMS tabs.

Go to Events >Edit your Event >Communication >E-mail/SMS/Notifications Tab


1. Save a specific text :
• For example, select the tab one e-mail invitation and it is automatically a standard text with typical data used allready merged.
• Edit the text the way you want the text to look like.
• Get the merge fields from the right menu by clicking on the links (for example links under "Event Title"). Merge Field lies where the mouse is highlighted in the text. Merge fields are data recorded in the Registration, the layout of the event or additional information the organizer has added to Registration, Private Questions or Feedback .
• Save the text by clicking the "Save"-button.
• Then choose to send the text to yourself e-mail/SMS/Notification (save and send e-mail to my test user or select your email to be sent to yourself in case you are not a test user in the selected event) to see how it looks.

The text you have entered will now remain the way you have saved it and can be used in principle.

To send messages to the selection of the specific tab- one , simply press the "Save" and "send/send to test users"(this is only for test users if they are added,to add them go to booking and edit the user to activate "test user")


2. Time control of dispatch and send cue:

In the "Send time" you can control when messages are sent out. If you do not change anything in this field, your messages will be sent out immediately after you have pressed the "Send" but don't forget to "Save" the changes.

To see which messages are cued to be sent, you can press on the link "See All" in the "Send queue" that is found on the right bottom side of the page. You can also filter and delete messages in the send cue.


3. Send a message to a small sample user group:

Write a letter (a, b. c... etc.) or the number the user has in his mobile in the "Single user" and it will show a drop down list of users that match the filtering option and letter by first or last name/number. Then select the user you wish to send a message to one by one.


Here we can send notifications by email/sms/inline notification/push-message.The inline notification and push-message both of them appear on the homescreen the difference between them is that the inline notification will open the notification bell and push-message will show a pop-up message.

As the previous tab you can adjust the notification as you wish and add dynamic variables.

We can filter the users by status that is registered/checked-in or by selecting a question from the registration form.

In the Schedule sending you can controll when to send the notification.

Single users is to add a user to send the notification by name/number.

In this page we can enable/disable notification (on the top side) or set the enable time notifications will be send on the event being on or out of the time of the event.