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Agenda - Creating Sessions

If we need to create a new item on the agenda we have to select new instance in the tab menu.

We'll find different fields here described below:

  • Event id (*) - you can select from a list of Events;
  • Active - in order to display the agenda point must be checked
  • Title (*) - the title of the Agenda Item
  • Sub title - sub title of the Agena Item (optional)
  • Image - a representative image can be added
  • Start time (*) - Agenda won't be displayed before Start Time
  • End time (*) - Agenda won't be displayed before EndTime
  • Description - description of the speaker or activity
  • Location - the location activity or lecture will be held (meeting room)
  • Supported modules - Comments/Questions/Quiz/Ratinig/SeekerGame/Voting - if the Agenda will have additional functionality modules must be desired displayed crossed off and some of them need to be configured
  • Inline - Video - insterts a video subtitle
  • Video URL - Youtube/Vimeo NB! Remove iframe size

Agenda of Events Manager'en is the overview of the various agenda items, lectures and / or activities to be presented. 

Agenda items can also be linked to different activities such as: 

  • Comments
  • Quiz 
  • Seeker game 
  • Vote
  • Rating
  • Questions
  • Geomap

If you want to see all Agenda points Go to Archive → List Archive → Gamification Presentation Archives list → Filter Archives about Presentation → List Instances (here you can edit / disable or delete existing agenda items.

Creating a new session in Agenda first we need to navigate to session pages by select a Event ->Engagement ->Sessions

This is the interface with all sessions and in the footer we have the button to add session:

Each session contains modules,by clicking for example on one of the modules icon will navigate to the page(comments,questions,quiz,etc)

Here we will add the location of it and the activities.

  • Sessions * : - tittle of the session
  • Sub title : - subtitle that will be displayed under title
  • Category : - category of the session
  • Image : - image
  • Start * : -  start time of session
  • End * : - end time of session
  • Description : - content of the session with modules
  • Inline video : - a video at the top of session when user navigates to it

On the right panel we have:
Active: - if all options are avaible of the modules
Progress order: - if the modules will be avaible for the user based on progression done


  • Comments
  • Questions
  • Quiz
  • Seekergame
  • Course
  • Voting
  • Rating
  • Geomap

By activating them they will appear on the top bar so the admin can set them up.

To add modules in description of the session you can either click on add all and like it says will add all modules active or add one by one that you wanna be displayed.

Inline all gamification tools: - includes all modules in top of the page 

Include scoreboard: - will show the scoreboard over the video conference
By dezactivating it will remove the scoreboard and show like this:

Pre loop: - a video that will repeat

Intro video: - intro video