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Connect to Facebook

The facebook is not available for the moment. (01.03.2021)
Here you'll see how to create a Facebook Application to link your Gamification user with your Facebook Account - you have some pictures showing you the steps or a video tutorial

First of all you need to log in https://developers.facebook.com with your Facebook Account (or Company FB account).

After that you need to follow several steps in order to get an App ID / App Secret codes to add them in Gamification Settings.


1. Push Apps button - Create a New App - add text as per below fields and push Create App button;

  • Display name - your event name - Ex. EDGE
  • Namespace - your event name + something (optional) - Ex. edgeapp (whithout CAPS letters)
  • Category - Utilities


2. Go in Settings - left menu and push it (you'll see Basic View):

  • App ID and App Secret will appear here (you'll copy them in Gamification Settings)
  • Fill in Contact Email

- Push Add Platform button and Select App on Facebook

  • Add your URL in Canvas URL - Ex. http://edge-ocem.onecom.no/
  • Add your Secure Canvas URL (add an s after http) - Ex. https://edge-ocem.onecom.no/

- Push Add Platform button and Select Website

  • Add your URL in Site URL field - Ex. http://edge-ocem.onecom.no/

Save changes after you did all these above steps.

3. Go in Status and Review  - left menu and push it:

  • Select YES in "Do you want to make this app and all its live features available to the general public?" 
  • A pop window will ask you to confirm this - push Confirm button


4. Open your Event Publisher URL (where you have all Event details/Gamification Settings) - you need to log in for that

Go in Communication on left menu select Gamification Settings (a new window will open) and Facebook Settings (bottom page):

  • Facebook APP_ID: you have to add first code here
  • Facebook App_Secret: you have to add the second code here
  • Save session button - it will save your codes